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Today, it's already time to say goodbye to weaves and wigs because hair extensions have already arrived. Ladies from all walks of life now prefer to put these on. But before you even think about having your hair stylist attach extensions to your hair, you must first know of the pros and cons of hair extensions UK.

The number one plus and also the most evident is that hair extensions allow women to instantly change their hairstyle. This is very helpful to women who have short hair and desires to get long hair the very next day. This then would lead to the next plus which is satisfaction and gratification of the woman with the easy and breezy achievement of new, gorgeous hair. 

Thirdly, having hair extensions can allow you to create and achieve the dream hair style you’ve been thinking of. Additionally, hair extensions require the least possible care; they can just settle for the same care you give your normal hair. Finally, hair extensions or beauty hair can transform a person's self-esteem especially when she just recently had a not-so-good haircut.

After knowing about the benefits of putting on hair extensions, it’s now time to know about things that could prompt you to be more cautious about them.

First not-so-good side of hair extensions is the truth that they are pricey. This is especially true if you’re going to use extensions that are of high-quality and can do less damage. The cost is estimated to be about a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the thickness of the extensions, the length, quality and many others. Also, hair extensions can bring about damage to your hair and scalp. This is caused by the weight of hair extensions that can pull the scalp. In addition to that, tight braiding which is also done so that the hair extension will put placed in your hair. One more downside of hair extensions is that they are very time-consuming. Usually, it wold take approximately eight hours to the very east to put hair extensions to a woman's head. So if you should prepare yourself for such a long time of sitting if you really want to have hair extensions.

S o those are the pros and cons that come with donning hair extensions; this can surely prove to be relevant information in establishing a decision of whether or not to get them.